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So I have putting this off for almost two weeks. I am talking about Day 2 of the Blog Challenge. Subject or question was "Here's today's writing prompt: What really makes you angry about the world?"

And you know what ... I couldn't come up with a single thing that makes me really angry. Since I have finished the "A Complaint Free World" Challenge I am pretty OK with a lot of things. Don't get me wrong .. I am not OK with war ... hunger .. terror .. climate change .. beating .. I could go on .. I think you get the idea.. Regarding the WHOLE world .. this things don't make me angry, but make me feel helpless .. that's why I focus on the HERE and NOW.. MY world .. the world around me. I focus on not fighting (no war).. helping people who are hungry or have no home by helping them out with food or blankets and really listening to them .. recycling stuff .. not using plastic bags .. not having a car and using public transportation and riding my bike instead .. no beating (only free range egg whites ;) ) ... so this is what helps me to not be angry about the world .. because I change my world.

But what really makes me angry is when privacy is not respected. When people go through other people's stuff. Rearranging things .. taking things away etc. Those who do not respect privacy miss the point in putting themselves in the shoes of the person who they are not respecting. Have they every thought about WHY the person in front of them does things this or that way and not the way they would be doing it. Have it every crossed their mind that the person in front of them is actually respecting their space and not changing it? Why would they do it differently and wanting to make the person just a copy of themselves? It might look easier to just change the person in front of you than thinking about changing your own perspective. But let me tell you something  .. It is IMPOSSIBLE to change the person in front of you! Only you can change yourself. 

Think about this: When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you...


Sorry not sorry for the rant.

How do you deal with anger?


Have a blessed day everyone.


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June 6, 2015 05:43

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